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Stop worrying about home loan hazards -

ascend with confidence, guided by expertise and strategy.


this is all about you!

 In a world of uncertainties, finding the perfect   home and securing the right financing can be   daunting. 


It's easy to feel lost and pushed into the wrong home with the wrong mortgage because of someone else's agenda.

You deserve a journey built around your goals.


With me by your side, anticipate an experience where surprises are replaced with strategic foresight and YOUR dreams are kept in focus every step of the way. Let's turn your homeownership aspirations into reality, together.

Hello, I'm Toni!

As your seasoned mortgage guide with over three decades of experience, I am committed to transforming your homeownership journey into a seamless, straightforward experience.

My goal is to empower you during this process so you feel confident in every decision.

 Whether you're a first-time buyer or a 

 seasoned homeowner, I specialize in 

 strategic financing solutions and 

 anticipate what is needed from day   one so there are no surprises. 

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but wait...

let's clear up 3 common misconceptions about home financing?

Stressed Man

#1 - Think you need an 780 credit  score to get a good rate? Stop worrying! 

We work with a variety of a credit scores and can even help raise your score quickly.

If you're dealing with less-than-perfect credit, we understand. Our loan programs allow flexibility so you can still qualify for an interest rate and payment that fits your goals. And, if your credit score needs some TLC, we can create a tailored strategy to raise your score quickly without costs or credit counseling. It's never too early to start planning for your next home.

Dollar Bills

#2 - Think you need 20% for your down payment? 
Stop worrying! 

We have programs that let you purchase a home with low or no down payment.

You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all home loan - that includes the standard 20% down payment everyone thinks they need to buy a house. We maintain access to the latest loan programs including ones with low down payment options so you can decide where your hard-earned savings should go.

Business Meeting

#3 - Think you can't qualify because you're self-employed?  Stop worrying! 

We know how to help borrowers who have unique circumstances.

Not everyone has a W-2 job with clockwork paystubs. If you have unique circumstances as a self-employed business owner, retiree or contractor (just to name a few) - we know the kinds of strategies needed for