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About Toni


"I can offer the best rates available but it's my education and strategy that make the difference for my clients."

Whether you're shopping for a refinance for the 3rd time or a brand new first-time home buyer...I want you to know your options. I work with every client to develop a strategy based on your goals...not mine. I believe in educating you so you have the tools to feel confident in your decision.

  • Trust: I maintain strict security practices to protect your private & financial information.

  • Strategy: I care about the big picture which includes short & long term goals. I work with you to develop a strategy unique to you.

  • Options: Big name banks might only be able to offer one or two programs - Peak Residential Lending's connection and flexibility can offer you a variety of mortgage loan options.



• Toni has been in the lending industry for over 30 years


• She was a top sales representative for several pharmaceutical companies for 10 years.


• Toni is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS)


• Her additional training includes internet marketing, social media marketing and search engine positioning.

• She volunteers at the local high school teaching a credit & finance seminar to the senior economics classes


• Toni is a California native who loves:

  • Visiting theme parks with her kids & grand-kids

  • Yorkshire Terriers - the current duo is Wall-e & Eva

  • Vacationing in Hawaii and snorkeling

  • Rollercoasters including the the VelociCoaster in Florida

  • Italian Food and fresh-baked bread

  • Chocolate - hello dark!

  • Fishing (especially saltwater)

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