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When I bought my first home, I ended up paying more than I should have in rate and closing costs. I soon learned how important it is to have a loan consultant who cares about how buying a home fits into my financial goals. Fast forward 30 years and I have made it my mission to give YOU the tools to make the best decision.


My Loan Analyzer Tool is unique because it keeps you in control and gets you familiar with numbers that are critical to home mortgage process - without the overwhelm.
Moving House

Please note!!!
I don't need to pull credit or request any personal documents to make a spreadsheet.

How it works?

First - we chat! 

This is truly a personalized worksheet so I need to know your goals plus some basic info. Information that will be helpful includes:

  • Gross monthly income

  • Approximate monthly payments on your installment (ex: car, student loan etc) and credit card debt.

  • If you know your credit score - great, but it's not required.

Next - I build your spreadsheet! 

Based on the information you gave me, I will build the worksheet so that you can use it to estimate key areas like total $ to close, monthly payment, fees and more. Plus each column can be customized so you can easily compare rates or loan programs to find the sweet spot that fits your life.

Spreadsheet example_edited.jpg


Then what?

We map out your personal strategy! 

Whether you're ready to put an offer in on a house, trying to decide to sell or even refinancing your current home, I believe you need a strategy to move forward with confidence. This is one of the largest investments you will ever make - you deserve a clear path to your goals!

Let's get started!

Thank you for visiting! Complete the form below so Toni can build your Personalized Loan Options Spreadsheet. No purchase or credit pull is necessary. 

3 Reasons Why My Customers Love it!

To be honest - I've never had a client not LOVE this tool. It is easy to use yet robust and dynamic to meet the challengers of the home buying and refinance process. You're going to love it too!

home keys

#1 - YOU Get Control

Toni sets up the spreadsheet so that YOU (the borrower) gets to play around with the numbers yourselves. This kind of flexibility lets you tailor the cost scenario to your goals.

Happy Couple

#2 - No $urprises

The spreadsheets makes it easy to predict the payment and the total funds needed to close so there are no surprises.

Woman on Phone

#3 - Stay in the Know

Toni makes sure that you can see all of the different costs and fees involved up front (not just a bulk total) so you feel educated and understand the process.

Travis A.

"Toni's advice, help and encouragement went way above and beyond what I'm sure is required for someone in her position to do to get the job done. I'm forever grateful for everything she's done for us. On top of all that, she has a wonderful personality!"

Krista T.

"The whole loan and home buying process was one of the scariest things I've ever done. Toni was always available to explain things to me. She is kind and easy to work with. I can tell she is passionate about first time home buyers and that is exactly what we needed."

Donald L.

“Toni was able to answer any questions immediately. She "walked me by the hand" through the whole process.”

Trista R.

"From the first contact Toni generously shared her time and extensive expertise to advise us on how to prepare and execute buying our first home. Toni always had a warm welcoming demeanor when we communicated. Toni was patient, funny, kind and excited for us through the process, which is always the best reassurance we are doing the right thing. Toni also went out of her way to respond by cell or email and at almost any time of day unexpectedly! Toni made our first home possible! Thank you!!!"

Kathy V.

"Toni Ryan provided information and options throughout the process. Mrs. Ryan worked diligently to help me stay within my desired budget. I recommend anyone interested in a home purchase or refinance to contact Mrs. Ryan, she is the ultimate expert."

John H.

“From the first time we contacted her, Toni Ryan went out of her way to keep us informed at each step, provide information for us to make the best decision for us, make sure transactions and interactions with other players (appraiser, escrow office, notary) were timely and seamless, and see us through to payment of the cash-back. And she did all this with such a cheerful, positive demeanor! She was the best! Thank you, Toni..”
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